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The Benefits of Vision Therapy

If your vision problems cannot be treated with glasses or contact lenses alone, we might suggest vision therapy services. Learn what to expect in vision therapy and who benefits from this kind of eye care therapy.

If you experience any of the following eye conditions, vision therapy may benefit you:

  • Poor eye teaming – Healthy eyes work together to help you see clearly. When your binocular vision is impaired, your eyes struggle to work as a team. Vision therapy services can strengthen your eye teaming ability. As a result, your depth perception and performance in sports, reading, school work will increase.
  • Learning problems with a visual component – While vision therapy cannot address all learning problems, this treatment is successful at helping problems that have a visual component. Our vision therapy sessions strengthen the brain-eye communication. Your visual memory, focusing and convergence, and eye movement can all improve after therapy sessions.
  • Computer vision syndrome – If you spend all day at the computer, you can experience eye strain and headaches. Vision therapy can decrease symptoms of stress-related eye problems including computer vision syndrome.

What to Expect in Vision Therapy?
Before you start vision therapy, we will perform a comprehensive eye exam and take a history of your symptoms. We want to find out where you struggle, to provide the right solution.

In therapy sessions, we work on your eye teaming, eye focusing, eye movement, and eye alignment. Our sessions are tailored to your visual flaws, but always connect eye movement with the brain. We use both computer software and optical tools, such as filters, lenses, and prisms.

Before we conclude therapy sessions, we reinforce new visual skills using repetition and cognitive therapy, so these new behaviors become ingrained.

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We invite you to call our eye doctors to learn more about vision therapy, or to schedule an evaluation for you or your child. To learn if vision therapy is right for you, please call our optometry clinics today.

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